An Innovative Mission

One of our members spent time in the south where he worshipped with the United Church of Christ in Seminole, Florida. There he was introduced to a novel and wonderful ministry they engage in. "Gods Creatures" is, in our experience, a unique way of showing God's love and our compassion for our fellows in a sweet and non-intrusive way. At the beginning of a Sunday service, he showed us a "creature" he brought home with him, then passed it around for all to appreciate.

Attached to the "creature" is a card that explains its mission; one of love, comfort and compassion. Some of us decided after the service we would like to implement a similar ministry, right here. This would complement our Prayer Shawl ministry, where shawls knitted or crocheted by members are delivered to those in need of comfort during times of illness or loss, accompanied by the prayers and thoughts of the congregation.

To our brothers and sisters in Seminole, Florida: Thank You for the inspiration, and please be aware that one of your "creatures" has travelled afar, inspiring us.

Our first seven "recruits" for the program in the Consecon Pastoral Charge.

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