Our Worship Services

We worship every Sunday, at 10:00 AM in Consecon. We do not enforce mask requirements at this time, but let folk practice masking and social distancing in our services as they are comfortable to do.


Until January 2018 the Consecon Pastoral Charge was a two-point rural charge.  The two churches – Carrying Place and Consecon United Churches – are located 8 kilometres apart.  (click here for a map) Carrying Place began to share ministers with Consecon as early as 1844.

Historically, the charge also included churches at Salem, Hillier, and Melville.  Salem joined the Consecon circuit by 1908 and Melville in 1955. In 1967 these three small churches were closed.

The Consecon church suffered a devastating fire in April of 1981. Read the Picton Gazette's account of the recovery effort

Discusions were opened on amalgamating the two congregations in April 2017. After a positive vote for amalgamation, and with guidance from Presbytery, the amalgamation became official January 1, 2018
It was decided to offer the Carrying Place property for sale, and in January it was put on the market. An offer was received and accepted in February and would have become final on March 09, 2018 with closing in May except for problems at the land registy office where the historical deed was ruled illegible. Months of delay ensued getting a court order to agree that the United Church, and this congregation really did own the property, and the sale could go through, finally completing on February 01, 2019.

Community Profile

The hamlet of Consecon, located in a growing rural area of some 2500 residents, is the gateway to beautiful Prince Edward County, known widely as “The County” and home to burgeoning wine, tourist, and artist/artisan industries. Agriculture still plays a prominent role in the area. The hamlet is located just off Loyalist Parkway on the shores of Weller’s Bay. The area is populated by a mix of young families, middle-aged working and retired folk, and seniors.

Carrying Place centres around the Old Portage Road, a road once used by First Nations peoples to portage their canoes between the Bay of Quinte and Weller’s Bay; it is the oldest road in continuous use in Canada.

The United Church of Canada has clear policies governing conduct between and among clergy, employees, members and adherants. Consecon Pastoral Charge endorses and adheres to these policies which cover sexual harrasment and workplace discrimination, harrasment and violence policies and periodically reviews them to ensure we are in compliance.

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