Our Minister

The Reverend Susan Fleming


Reverend Sue

It is with profound sorrow we announce that our beloved minister, the Rev. Sue Fleming, passed away during the night of December 20-21, 2018. Weaver's Family Funeral Home in Trenton is looking after Sue's family.

Despite the shock and sorrow, we will proceed with our Advent IV and Christmas Eve services as planned, as I'm sure Sue would have wanted. Subsequent services also will proceed as scheduled as we have the resources in hand to continue on.

We pray that God's boundless love and grace brings us together as we process this huge loss and adjust to the difficult road ahead. We have all the faith in the world that our church family will pull together to comfort Sue's family and one another and continue to be a witness in our community.

Reverend Sue commenced serving the Pastoral Charge 1 September 2013

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