Our Prayer Shawl Ministry

What is a Prayer Shawl?
The main difference between a regular knit shawl pattern and a prayer shawl pattern is intent; prayer shawls are intended to be worked with a particular prayer or passage in mind. Once the prayer shawl is completed, it's a wearable knit that will bless its wearer with the prayers said during the creation of the shawl. Additionally, a Prayer Shawl may be blessed by prayers offered over it after its completion prior to being presented to its final recipient.

Consecon United commenced creating and presenting Prayer Shawls in 2012 after Rev Phil Hobbs, who was our minister at the time, planted the seed, and has continued since. Various folk in the congregation knit or crochet shawls and provide them to the church to be given to someone who is in our prayers, due to circumstances of bereavement, illness or for any other reason that we hold them up in our prayers as needing healing, or support.

One recipent said that when she wrapped it around her shoulders upon receiving it she felt she was wrapped in the wings of an angel!

Prayer Shawls vary in size and materials used, colours and patterns and techniques governed only by the talents and personalities of the persons creating them. Below are examples of some of the Prayer Shawls created by our folk.


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